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Get Inspired by Canada’s Finest Startups

Get Inspired by Canada’s Finest Startups

Startups and SMEs categories have been blossoming all over Canada for the past years. In the below lines we gathered 4 of what we believe to be among the best Canadian startups.  And while each business serves a distinguished market,  they all have success in common; in terms of idea, positioning, revenues and drive.


Shoes.com:  Filling the Market Gap

Shoes.com has been recognized as the top startup in Canada according to market experts, and was announced as the winner of Canada’s STARTUP 50 by the leading business publication PROFITguide.com, which classifies startups based on their growth. This Vancouver-native e-commerce company is a  story of success in every meaning of the word, driven by an opportunity-seizing  mindset and calculated expert decisions.

It all started when Zappos, the leading American online footwear seller, had announced that they are taking their business out of the Canadian market; and just like that, Founder Sean Clark had a “light bulb” moment of seizing the opportunity being prevailed before him.  Clark has realized then that if he won’t do it someone else would beat him to it; so he took the risk and made a bold move to fill a market gap; and it indeed paid off! In no time Shoes.com has expanded to cover America and became among the leading footwear retailers.


 Wear Your Label: Fashion with a Cause

The fashion industry is mostly regarded as a heartless vigorous industry. However, every once in a while comes a business venture that restores our faith in humans’ capabilities of making a difference; this time it was Wear Your Label’s turn to spread the hope.

Wear Your Label was founded with the main objective of tackling the mental health taboo, and to offer all mental health sufferers a chance to join a conversation about a topic that rarely discussed openly. Founders of this unique brand, who are also suffering from mental health issues, are determined to convey their message in every step of the process; from the manufacturing and design to the after-sale, with donations dedicated to mental health research. How is that for an inspiration?


LIamaZoo: 3D Education

We believe that investing in bettering the education is forward-thinking at its best; it’s like investing in the future. Revolutionizing medical education and offering students an interactive 3D anatomy study guide,  LIamaZoo is an online platform that incorporates the latest 3D technology and gamification with teaching methods based on cognitive neuroscience. LIamaZoo’s first product, EasyAnatomy, is specialized in animal science, but we can only hope that this promising Canadian startup would expand to cover other fields soon.


Vendeve: Targeted Network

Vendeve is a startup that manages to combine two of our modern time’s most trending factors of success: Women Power and Freelance! What makes Vendeve stands out between other freelance-job-hunt platforms is that it enforces building long-term trust-based professional relationships, and encourages female entrepreneurs to share their expertise with one another (your profile gain more visibility if you agreed to help others). Vendeve offers young women the chance to grow their own businesses, through offering a supportive user-friendly platform.





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