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Do Help Desk Requests Get on your Nerves?  These Tips will Make your Life Easier

Do Help Desk Requests Get on your Nerves? These Tips will Make your Life Easier

You would think that with the fast-paced technological advancement, and with the digital world dominating our lives nowadays, only few will resort to help desk; well, think again! Actually, the number of employees reporting to help desks nowadays is increasing, which of course adds pressure to help desks’ specialists. Here are some tips for IT managers and Help Desk specialists on better management of Help Desk requests.   


Reduce Direct Calls

Use a screening/filtration approach to reduce the direct calls directed to your help desk. Automate the process through using questionnaires or any type of form that a user fills in. They help describe the technical issue they are facing in details, and once they are done they get a ticket number, through which they can follow up on the process.   


List Recurring Issues

When you find a certain issue recurring, take note, and by the end of each month, look at your list; it might guide you towards a general problem you need to take care of, like a software glitch for instance. So this way you’ll improve your help desk service as a whole and stay updated with urgent matters.  

Moreover, keeping track of your recurring issues will give you guidance with regards to your automation process. For instance, if you find the majority asking you for a password reset, then you’ll know that you should automate the process of password reset so that users can do it on their own.


Educate and Train

Dedicating time for educating and training users might not be directly related to your specialty, but we guarantee it’ll pay off at the end.  Offer users tutorials on how to solve certain issues. Also, it’s essential you offer users frequent training sessions on new software and systems; this will reduce the requests directed to your help desk magnificently.  


Set Time Frames

Setting time frames for problem-solving will help you stay on the top of your help desk requests regardless how many your receive. Allocate certain time for solving issues beyond which you’ll reinstall the software or reformat the system.  




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