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Digital Marketing

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Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing


Reach your potential customers with tight segmentation & targeting tools

Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing


Listen to what your customers are saying about your brand and products.

Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing


Engage your customers and strike conversations around your business

Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing


Showcase, advertise and sell your product on the internet.

Why Digital Marketing?

We’re living in the digital age, and reaching your target segment through the proper digital and social media channels is essential to the success of any business. Through our digital marketing services you’ll able to grow and maintain customer relationships.

Digital Strategy Architecture

Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing

We Collect Data

Digital performance analysis

The best way to move forward is to know where you currently stand. Aurora will help you assess your digital marketing and social media performance. Our team will identify your main points of strength and weakness, and will work on getting you better results.

Rival Intelligence

Aurora Solutions will help you identify your position in terms of competition. Aurora’s team will not only help you identify and analyze your competitors’ digital marketing strategy, but will also help you stay one step ahead.

Digital Audience Analysis

Our team will help you get a better understanding of your audience through identifying your Digital Segment Profile, exploring Digital Behavior Patterns, and highlighting Seasonality and Correlations.

We Define Goals

Aurora team will work with you to identify your main digital marketing goals, and transform them into defined reachable objectives. Whatever your objective is; whether it’s increasing brand awareness or increasing sales, we will help you achieve it in a timely manner, and we will do the necessary follow up through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing
Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing

We put a plan

A solid plan is essential for achieving any goal. Aurora will provide you with a 3-month detailed plan with comprehensive strategy, tools and tactics; including but not limited to: Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Search engine marketing Strategy, and Email Marketing Strategy.

We Generate leads

Lead Generation & Inbound marketing is all about turning complete strangers into actual customers, and Aurora is perfectly capable of achieving that. Our team will help you convert strangers into visitors, visitors into leads, and then finally leads into customers; in addition to providing you with tools to track every single stage.

Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing
Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing

We create digital content

Our team will provide you with valuable content that is specifically relevant to your audience. We create and implement user-centric content that targets the right person, at the right time and place.

We socialize with your customers

If managed correctly, social media can be your most powerful marketing tool. Our team of social media fanatics will save you all the hassle associated with social media management. They will…


  • Monitor your brand Reputation
  • Gather Service feedback
  • Analyze Customer Behavior.


  • Build Up Thought Leadership
  • Create Customer-Centric Content
  • Provide Service and support.


  • Increase Reach and Engagement
  • Create Commercial Content
  • Implement, Manage and Monitor Campaigns.
Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing
Aurora Solutions Digital Marketing

We Optimize your business for search engines

On-page Optimization

  • Implement Content Architecture
  • Create Metadata and Tags
  • Optimize Robots.txt
  • Create Sitemap.xml
  • Optimize Google for Business
  • Setup Google Webmaster

Off-page Optimization

  • Submit Business Into Directories
  • Fix Canonicalization
  • Fix Link Redirections
  • Create 404 Pages
  • Monitor Domain Authority

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