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Unleash the power of your technology.
Let your computer do all the heavy work for you, so you can focus on new ideas, and how to grow your business

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Access & run your business whenever and wherever, through a reliable & secure cloud network. Never worry about your privacy and security ever again.



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We know your business is unique. We provide you tailored solutions that fits to your specific business needs. Get the services you want, the way you want it.

Our Services

Web Design, E-Commerce, SEO and more

It all starts with a stunning website. Aurora helps small and medium-sized businesses build an easy to use website that focuses on their customers’ pains and ways to solve them.

Get your local Canadian securely hosted WordPress website (Search Engine Optimized; 100% Mobile Friendly; Fully Responsive).

Start today for as low as CAD$ 60/month

Digital Marketing, Social Media and more

Creating your website is just the beginning. Customer relationships flourish when you cultivate them, and no other area offers you this opportunity more than social media.

Build relations and grow your brand with small and medium-sized business social management plans from Aurora.

Start today for as low as CAD$ 140/month.

Cloud, Collaboration tools and more

Aurora partners with major cloud vendors like Google and Microsoft, and works with market leading ERP and CRM technologies to empower small and medium sized businesses with best-of-breed tools.

Rent your professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings, Sales Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting,  and more from Aurora today.

Help-desk, Backups, Protection, and more

Our qualified staff can assist with end-users’ desktop and applications support on a variety of Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux platforms. We can untangle, troubleshoot and assist in all varieties of desktop support.

Aurora can handle all your IT needs from troubleshooting to malware protection and information security, freeing you to focus more on your business rather than worrying about the tools.

Our Products

At Aurora, We provide smart IT solutions with a low total cost of ownership – Hassle Free!

The good news is that our products can all be integrated.

Manage your E-Commerce website and inventory from within your shop’s POS (Point of Sale), or feed in Leads from your website, Social Media, and Wifi to your CRM…

The possibilities are endless!

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