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Boost your sales and generate more revenue

Overwhelmed with tracking leads while maintaining your current customers?

Aurora CRM can empower you!

What is Aurora CRM?

Aurora Customer Relationship Management Software is a customer-centric tool, powered by ODOO, that enables you to track your leads, close sales opportunities and get accurate forecasts for your sales

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  • Access it anytime, anywhere, from any device, all you need is a browser.

  • Enterprise-grade security

  • Daily backups to protect your data

  • 24/7 monitoring and support

  • 100% Canadian-owned and operated

Nurture Your Leads

Acquire visitors

Get more than 30 marketing apps to boost leads acquisition from your website: Search Engine Optimization tool, SEA, form builders, etc.

Create campaigns

Automatically send emails tailored to the lead segment and their activities. Score your leads based on explicit and implicit criteria. Define different actions based on the lead score. Decide which lead score deserves to be converted into an opportunity.

Assign teams

Define your own rules to assign leads to the right sales team or salesperson based on quotas and segments.


Create opportunities

Manage sales activities

Organize and schedule a sequence of activities per opportunity. Track, log, and analyze the activities of your team.

Manage pipelines

Work faster with the drag & drop interface. Set up specific stages for each sales team. Possibility to create sub-stages to better organize the processes. Automatic archiving of lost opportunities.

Be ready

Get all information right into the opportunity: pages visited on your website, Emails, meetings, next actions, preceding orders, etc.

Schedule meetings

Schedule meetings with the customers. Sync with mobile phones and your calendar apps.

Communicate better

Email templates

Create templates of emails for most common communications with your customers or opportunities.

Custom alerts

Follow key opportunities in just a click and get alerts based on relevant activities.

Email client

Get all your email communications automatically attached to the right opportunity. Create new leads automatically based on incoming emails.

Analyze data

Create reports

Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine. Share filters with the team.

Analyze opportunities

Analyse your opportunities pipeline with advanced filters, grouping, drill down, etc.

Analyze leads

Get statistics about your sources of leads to evaluate the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Integrate with your business

Marketing Apps

Boost leads acquisition and nurturing with Odoo’s marketing apps: Email Marketing, Events, URL trackers, landing pages, etc.

Sales Channels

Integrate all your sales channel: online sales (e-Commerce), inside sales (CRM) and in store (Point of Sale).

Powerful API

Make Odoo CRM do pretty much anything with the API: connect other software, automate lead creation, etc.

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