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What is Social Wifi? How can it help you grow your business?

What is Social Wifi? How can it help you grow your business?

Have you ever heard about Social WiFi? Did you ever think how it may benefit your customers and your business?

Social WiFi refers to WiFi hotspots that allows visitors to logon to the internet using their social media accounts. This is of course much easier than asking the staff for the internet password.

It is obvious that the major benefit for your customers is obtaining free and easy access to the internet during their stay at your place. Thus it can be used at restaurants,  coffee shops,  car dealers, beauty salons or any other hospitality business. It can be also used any business where there may be some waiting period for the customers.

But how will your business benefit from this social WiFi?

 Benefits of Social WiFi

1- Performing in-depth analysis:

When your customers login to your WiFi once, they will login to WiFi automatically when they return back. This will allow you to make your analysis and know who your customers are and the frequency of their visits.

2- Increasing engagement on your social media:

You can ask your customers to like your social media pages when logging to your WiFi. This will increase the reach of your page. Then by posting interesting content, you will be able to engage your customers and make them share your page with their friends.

3- Engaging in loyalty programs:

You can ask them sign to a loyalty program easily using their social media account. They can get discount coupons through this program; or you might encourage them to rate your products and services.

4-  Building valuable relationships:

You will be able to get your customers’ Facebook accounts and emails which allows you to build long-lasting and valuable relationship. For example, you can send them exclusive offers and newsletters. This means that you have opened an ongoing communication channel with your customers.

5- Generating customized mailing lists:

By collecting the demographic data of your customers, you will be able to create targeted mailing lists according to the demographical data that you have.



As Stacy Deprey-Purper, author of the ebook #1 Social WiFi Marketing Tool says, “For the first time in history, brick-and-mortar businesses can obtain greater data than their online counterparts. Once you capture your customer’s information, you have an opportunity to immediately message them via email or text and positively impact your bottom line and enhance their customer experience through information or special offers. The best part for the consumer is there are no apps to have to download or cumbersome login experiences.”